The Right Fit to Cover a Flabby Tummy

Fat Woman

If you’re carrying a few extra pounds around your waist, or have a flabby tummy you want to hide, don’t despair. By thinking about the clothes and accessories you buy and wear, you can disguise your stomach, get the right fit and look great! Here’s how.

For many women, it’s their least favoured part of the body and they yearn to hide any extra flabbiness on their stomach and look great in clothes.

The flabby tummy syndrome can strike any women, even those who previously had wonderfully toned stomachs, as both age, diet and childbirth can play havoc with your body. But if you can’t seem to beat the flabbiness, then why not have a go at hiding it?

The right fit of clothes can hide a multitude of sins. There’s a wide variety of women’s clothing styles and designs on the high street today, but not every style works well for every woman. But with a bit of know how and style advice, you can easily get to grips with what will flatter that flabbiness in minutes.

Tops To Cover a Flabby Tummy

The wrong type of tops can reveal far too much. You may have got away with wearing skin-clinging tight tops in the past, but it’s not a good idea when there’s a few extra rolls of fat in existence now. Short or crop tops aren’t a good move either, as they can highlight rather too much of your stomach and tight little vests run the risk of riding up and revealing all.

But there are tops that are kind to a flabby tummy. Rather than trying to hide your stomach under a long top (which can backfire and make you look like there’s lots to hide) or not hide it enough under a short top, opt for something that’s a mid length. If you’ve got the hem of a top stopping around the middle of your stomach, it helps alleviate the look of your tummy, making any extra flabbiness look much less.

Another alternative is to look out for tops that have a ruched effect on the front or are a wrap-style. These two clever designs work wonders at hiding unwanted flabby areas from view. With ruched tops, they’re designed in such a way that the top is supposed to be crinkled, so no-one will think it’s extra flesh underneath that’s making waves.

Wrap tops usually have plenty of material and gave in them. By wrapping them around, you give yourself the chance for your waist to look great, but there’s still plenty of fabric at the front to hide your stomach.

Skirts To Cover a Flabby Tummy

Some women’s skirts don’t work at all well if you’ve got a flabby stomach. The main flabby fashion culprits include straight skirts, which make every bulge stick out like a sore thumb, full skirts, which make anyone look huger than they are and skirts that are gathered at the waist, which are not flattering for anyone with extra flesh.

As is the case with tops, if you can find a skirt with a ruched front, you’ve got the perfect combination. The crinkles on the front of the skirt will disguise any flabbiness and your stomach will look far better.

Another good option, especially for beach or summer wear, is a sarong-style skirt. This works in a similar way to the wrap top, and helps disguise the stomach area really effectively.

Trousers To Cover a Flabby Tummy

In the case of trousers, some of the worst options for anyone with a flabby stomach are really tight trousers. If trousers are too tight around the waist, they can cause the unsightly look where your flesh spills over the top of the trousers – not comfortable for you, or too sightly for others. Low slung hipsters create a similar bad sight and can make your extra flesh look far worse than it is.

A great pair of tummy friendly trousers are flat fronted trousers with the zip at the side. Having the side is much more flattering than having it at the front and it creates a much better silhouette. It’s worth looking around for trousers that offer side zips and make the switch to this type of clothing if your stomach is an issue for you.

Whatever you do, have fun and make fashion work for you!

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