The Right Fit for a Skinny Figure

Skinny waist

Different clothing styles fit and flatter some body shapes better than others. If your body shape is more inclined to being skinny, how can you get the right fitting clothes and look your best?

Many people long to have a skinny figure and think those who do are in an enviable position, and it’s often predominantly the look models strive to have (sometimes to their detriment).

But it doesn’t always feel such a great shape to have when that’s all you know, and you’ve never experienced the curviness of other body figures. If you’ve got a skinny figure you’re likely to have:

  • An undefined waist.
  • A small to medium sized bust.
  • A lean and skinny looking figure.
  • Long thin arms.
  • Slender legs.

Those with skinny figures can be pretty skinny all round. The overall body or torso shape is lean, thin and skinny, with little or no signs at all of womanly curves.

The bust size tends to be small or medium sized and there’s little differentiation between the size or measurements of the waist, hips and chest, which creates a straight down, skinny look. The shoulders and hips of women with skinny figures are well balanced, and their legs and arms are generally long and slender.

It’s often assumed that women with skinny figures can wear anything and it looks good on them, but that’s not strictly the case.

Getting a good fit is as crucial with skinny women as those with other body types, and the style of the clothes helps define the fit.

If you’re unsure of how to get the right fit and make the most of your body type, and want to appear to be curvier than you really are, read on for some helpful ideas.

Clothing for Skinny Figures

Firstly, whatever clothes you’re keen to buy, make sure you know your clothing size first. If you’re unsure, take your measurements or be measured by a professional, then arm yourself with the knowledge and get shopping for the best fitting clothes for your body type.

Tops The good news with tops is that there are many different styles that work well with skinny figures and it’s possible to make it look like you’ve got a curvier body than you have, through smart shopping.

All tops are best worn with a good fitting bra underneath, perhaps padded slightly if you want to enhance your figure. Dainty little tops with narrow spaghetti-style straps will draw the eye to your bust and away from your torso, as well scoop neck or v-neck tops. If you’ve got a medium sized bust, or are wearing a padded bra, then you could get away with a low wrap top. Any top that’s fitted around the waist is good.

Fitted jackets will help give an impression of a curvy waist, and if you go for a jacket that flares out from the waist, it will make it look like you’ve got curvy hips.

Trousers Most trousers look good on skinny figures. Slim denim jeans are perfect for those with slender bodies and can look great, especially if they’re teamed with a correctly fitting top. Look out for jeans with pockets on the bottom, as these can instantly make your bum look bigger. Low rise and bootcut trousers and jeans are also good options, and the gentle flare from the knee will enhance your skinny legs.

Skirts Most skirts, too, look good on skinny figures and, if you’ve got long and slender legs, you can show them off well in shorter skirts.

Many people have to avoid elasticated, full or gathered waist skirts, but skinny women can make them work well. Other good options for showing off your body to its full potential include great fitting pencil, straight and A-line skirts.

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