The Right Fit for an Apple Shaped Figure

Apple and tape measure

Different clothing styles fit and flatter different body shapes better than others. If your body shape is more inclined to being that of an apple, how can you get the best fit of clothes?

The idea of having an apple shaped figure may not sound particularly alluring, but don’t despair – apples are blessed with many features that other shapes yearn for! If you’re not quite sure what constitutes an apple shape, it’s having one or more of these assets:

  • A large and full bust.
  • Narrow hips.
  • Shapely legs.
  • A good, firm pair of buttocks.
  • Broad shoulders
  • A fuller and perhaps less defined waist
  • A fuller face and neck.

Yes, people with apple shaped figures are often the envy of other thinner shapes as they’re more likely to have large, full and shapely busts and smaller hips, thighs and bottoms than other key types of figure.

Apples have more of a tendency to gain weight around their middles, so the waist line may be less well defined. Broader shoulders and upper arms are often common too, and they may have a slightly fuller face and neck than other shapes.

Where other shapes, like pears, have to work hard to make their bust look bigger and their shoulders wider, apples already have these as part of their natural make-up, which is a definite asset.

But as with any figure, unless you buy clothes that are the right fit and designed to enhance your body shape, they won’t fit quite so well or look so great.

In order to get the best fit for your shape, the main aim of an apple should be to use well fitting clothes to give the impression of lengthening the boy, making the shoulders and waist look slightly slimmer than they are.

The stomach area can look a bit out of proportion in the wrong fitting clothes, so the idea is to draw attention away from the waist and instead focus on the great assets your body has.

It doesn’t need to be tricky or confusing – here are some suggestions on tips on getting the right fit for your body shape and making the apple shaped figure work well for you!

Clothing Tips for Apple Shaped Figures

Firstly, whatever clothes you’re keen to buy, make sure you know your clothing size first.

If you’re unsure, take your measurements or be measured by a professional, then arm yourself with the knowledge and get shopping for the best fitting clothes for your body type.

Trousers When you’re buying trousers or jeans, look out for options that have a flat front and a rise that’s lower than your natural waist, as these will look great with your apple shape.

It may seem a strange addition to go for, but it’s actually good to choose trousers that have back pockets or fake flapped pockets on the bottom.

As apples tend to have flatter buttocks, these pockets will act as a way of giving your buttocks a bit more of a curve.

If you’re a fan of jeans, then opting for lighter coloured washes, rather than dark indigo, will help make your thighs look a bit more shapely.

Skirts Women who are apples typically have great looking lower legs and calves, so can get away with wearing shorter skirts if they wish.

The A-line style of skirts works well and light and floaty fabrics such as chiffon, or even silk if you’re splashing out for a special occasion, look great with shorter lengths.

Of course, longer lengths of skirts are fine too.

Tops When it comes to tops, one of the most useful styles to look out for are tops with V-necks.

These are a great fit for apple shapes as they naturally draw the eye away from the waist and up to your bust and help highlight one of your best assets.

Other types of top that work in a similar way are wrap tops, which cleverly hide away any areas of extra weight or flabbiness around your stomach, and empire tops, which again highlight the bust and draw the eye away from the waist.

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