The Right Fit for a Pear Shaped Figure

Pear-shaped figure
The Right Fit for a Pear Shaped Figure

Different clothing styles fit and flatter different body shapes better than others. So if you’re a classic pear shape, which clothing styles would suit you best?

If you’ve got what’s known as a pear shaped figure, you’re not alone! Statistics suggest the pear shape is one of the most common shapes amongst women.

If you’re not quite sure what constitutes a pear shape, it’s one or more of these assets:

  • A long or slender neck and face.
  • Narrow shoulders.
  • A narrow back.
  • A small waist.
  • Curvy hips and buttocks.
  • Full thighs and calves.
  • A small to medium sized bust.

With pear shapes, the majority of the weight tends to lie in the lower half of the body, on the hips, thighs, calves and buttocks. They usually have a well defined waist, a small to medium bust size, narrow shoulders and a slender neck and face.

Because of the fact that most of the weight lies in the lower half of the body, unless you get the right fitting clothes and balance out your body, you can end up looking out of proportion and highlighting errors which you may not want to emphasise.

To get the right fit and make a pear shaped figure look great the key is to make it look like you’ve got a bigger bust and wider shoulders than you really have. This will draw someone’s attention away from your lower half and will help make you look sleeker, slimmer and in proportion.

Don’t worry if it sounds tricky, as it’s not! You just have to know what type and colour of clothes to buy and wear.

Clothing Tips for Pears


When you’re choosing trousers, opt for darker colours, such as black, navy or brown, and choose styles that will make your hips and bottom look slimmer. Good options include trousers that have a wide leg or are flared, as these will help hide bigger thighs. Low-rise trousers and jeans can also be good and if your thighs aren’t too big you could also try straight legged jeans in a dark colour.


Skirts that cling to you and highlight any extra flesh, or really full skirts that make you look bigger are a no no. Instead, opt for A-line or flared skirts that skim your hips and take the eye away from your waist. As with trousers, wearing darker plain colours – not bold patterns – will make you look sleeker.


Whilst it’s advisable to wear darker colours on your lower half, bright colours and patterns are perfect for your top half. Fitted tops will help emphasise your waist and tops with wide straps will help the shoulders look wider than they are.

Necklines on tops which are wider or lower are ideal for pear shaped figures, as they emphasise your bust and draw attention to the top half of your body, rather than below. So look out for v-necks, round necks or square necked tops. Halter neck tops also work in a similar way and help balance out the overall look of your body.


In the same way as skirts, it’s advisable to avoid anything figure-hugging or that are bias cut, as they’ll emphasise the wrong areas of your pear shaped figure. For the most flattering fit, choose an empire style dress or even a wrap dress, as these are much more suited to pear shapes.

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