The Right Fit for Your Legs: Long, Short, Fat, Thin

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Everyone’s legs differ, but whatever type of legs you’ve got, there’s a good fit of clothing lurking out there somewhere. Here’s a guide to getting the right of clothing for your legs, whether they’re long, short, fat or thin, and whatever your height.

Fitting For Long Legs

Other people may be envious that you’re blessed with long legs and a great height, but it’s not always easy to get clothes that fit well for tall women. Thankfully more manufacturers and clothing brands are recognising the importance of making clothes in longer lengths and it’s now easier to buy trousers aimed at long legs.

When you’re shopping, look out for brands that do offer trousers in varying lengths. It may be tempting to squeeze into a standard length trouser, but when it finishes way in advance of reaching your ankle, it’s not a good look and accentuates the fact that you’re wearing the wrong fit of trousers.

So do your homework and search out clothing brands that flatter your height and make your long legs look great.

Fitting For Short Legs

When it comes to short legs, there are a few essential things you should and shouldn’t do. Most people with short legs wish they were longer. The good news is that by getting the right fit and carefully choosing what clothes you buy and wear, you can give the impression that your legs are longer than they are.

Cropped trousers may seem like a good idea, but for people with short legs they’re best avoided. Rather than making your legs look longer, they highlight the fact that your legs are short, so give them a miss unless you want this look. Instead, opt for trousers with wide legs, flares or palazzo pants.

These trousers are great for short legged people as they disguise the point where your bottom ends and your waist begins and make it look like your legs are long.

Another option is to go for the dress over trousers look (as long as it’s not a tight fitting dress), as this also helps give the impression of longer legs.

As far as colours go, try and choose things that are the same colour for your trousers, dress, shoes and tights/socks, so you can keep the colour flowing.

Fitting For Fat Legs

If you feel that your legs are slightly fat, or you don’t like the look of them, you can at least hide them well under good fitting clothes.

Trousers that are flared or wide leg, or palazzo pants, are great for skimming your legs and hiding any unwanted areas. Boot cut are also a good option too.

Long skirts are a saviour for anyone who doesn’t like the look of their legs and can be worn by both short and tall people.

If it’s your ankles and calves that you’re particularly concerned about, then try and avoid leggings, Capri style trousers and three-quarter length skirts, as these only accentuate the area. Long boots are great for covering up ankles and calves, so make the most of them when you can.

Fitting For Thin Legs

Thin legged people may be the envy of those with slightly more flesh on their pins, but aren’t always happy with their lot. However, you can still get a good fit of clothes that flatter your thinner legs, if you know how.

As far as trousers go, you’ve got the perfect legs for making the most of slim fit trousers and skinny jeans, so give them a go.

Many styles of skirts will flatter your legs, especially skirts that are straight or A-line, but if you don’t want them on show, then long skirts will hide them very well.

If you don’t mind showing off your thin legs, then cropped trousers and short skirts are an option.

You may need to avoid shorts though, as they may emphasise your thin legs a bit much.

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