How to Choose Lingerie and Corsets with the Right Fit

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Getting the correct size and well fitting clothes isn’t just something to concentrate on for outer clothes only – your undergarments matter too! So here’s a useful guide for choosing the right fit of lingerie and corsets.


If you don’t pay much attention to your lingerie, you should be! Looking good, wearing the correct sized clothes and making sure everything fits well is important, whether it shows most of the time or not.

Many women don’t pay enough attention to their lingerie, but choosing the right fit can make all the difference in a number of ways.

To see if your current lingerie is fitting well, turn sideways and look in a mirror.

If your stomach is hanging over the top of the waistband of your briefs, you’ve cut red marks from a thong cutting into you or you look like you’ve got extra rolls of flesh as briefs are cutting into your thighs or bottom, you’re wearing incorrect fitting lingerie.

Many women are guilty of squeezing into a small sized brief than they should be wearing, so it’s no wonder they’re not fitting properly.

Even though you may be a perfect size 12 on your top half, as individuals vary so much in their shapes, it doesn’t necessarily mean your hips will be size 12 too.

Don’t be embarrassed about buying a larger size of lingerie, as the fit and comfort will be far better if you buy the appropriate size.

What’s more, it’s not only you that will notice the difference. When you’re wearing the correct size, you’ll have a much more streamlined look to your body, which will be much more flattering and slimming under clothes.

They’ll be no ridges or unwanted bulges, and you’ll look much better overall.

Just like other items of clothing, lingerie comes in all shapes, styles and materials. Take time to explore the different options available, like knickers in a short style, high leg, full brief, low cut, bikini style and thong.

If you want a bit of extra support, then fuller briefs could offer it, whereas if you know you’ll be wearing hipster jeans, low cut or shorts may be more ideal.

If you’re choosing a camisole, it’s generally helpful to know your dress size, as this will apply to the camisole size too.


Like bras, corsets are generally sized according to your bust size, although some manufacturers may also refer to your waist size too.

So if you’re looking to buy a corset, it’s crucial to know your bust size and your dress size before you start looking.

If you’re unsure of your size, especially if you’re choosing a corset for a special occasion, such as to wear under a wedding dress or ball dress, then being measured by a professional is recommended.

Corsets are great for offering a streamlined look under your clothing or could even be worn on their own for some occasions.

They do up in various ways, often with hooks and eyes or laces that need to be pulled in and done up. Due to this, it’s easier to have someone else helping you put one on, otherwise you could be left struggling to get the best fit.

When you’re choosing a corset, try on a variety of styles first, so you can get an idea of what feels most comfortable to you.

As different products vary in their style, what fits one person perfectly may be uncomfortable to another. If you’re planning on wearing it under a certain outfit, make sure you take that with you too.

Whilst a corset may look great on its own, it can look vastly different when it’s underneath other clothing.

The key to getting the right fit is to try it under your outfit before you commit to buy.

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