Get the Right Fit When Buying Clothes Online

Online clothes shopping

A wide variety of well known retailers, smaller boutique stores and individuals sell clothes online and it can be a convenient and affordable way of shopping.

But when you can’t try the item on before you buy, it can be really disappointing when it arrives and doesn’t fit.

To help eradicate online shopping disappointment, here are some practical tips to help you get the right fit when you’re buying clothes online.

Buy Familiar Names

If you’re happy playing it safe when you’re buying clothing online, then stick to your favourite brands and shop names you know.

You’ll already know how their clothing typically fits you, which helps reduce some of the uncertainty involved in buying online, and you’ll also know what the quality is like too.

Judging The Fit of Clothing

A lot of stores are nicely clued up to the needs of online shoppers and provide essential garment measurements to help make online clothes shopping easier.

But there are still some retailers that simply provide a description of the product and don’t tell you exactly what length the trousers or skirt is, or what the waist measurement is.

Sadly, the UK clothing size chart (e.g. 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 etc) cannot be relied on to provide accurate universal measurements, as there are distinct differences in the sizing of different styles of clothing and from different manufacturers.

All this makes it really difficult to judge what the fit of clothing will be.

If you’re trying to shop with a certain retailer and are finding it difficult to judge what the fit of clothing will be like, then why not contact them to find out the exact item measurements?

Customer service should be important to retailers and, if more people request these details, the more likely they are to begin to introduce them on their clothing listings.

The same goes for cases where you’re interested in buying secondhand clothing, such as items being sold through online auctions.

Knowing exactly what the waist measurements or length of a pair of trousers is gives you a much better idea of whether or not they’ll fit you and could give the seller a definite sale.

Know Your Measurements

Knowing your key body measurements is really useful for all online clothing shopping as it gives you a better opportunity to assess whether or not an item is likely to fit you.

It doesn’t take long to use a tape measure to take your measurements – such as the waist, inside leg, hip, neck or chest/bust – and make a note of the details.

You can keep these handy and next to you as you surf the web for shopping bargains.

Find Out if Returns Are Accepted

If you’re still finding it hard to judge the fit of a piece of clothing being sold online and can’t wait around to get a reply from the customer service team, then the next thing to consider is whether they accept returns and, if so, whether you have to pay for them.

Some companies provide pre-paid return labels, which makes life easier and cheaper if you need to return an item.

Alternatively, some high street stores allow you to take items that have been bought online back to a store for a refund.

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