Winter Wedding Outfits for Kids

Kids will be kids – whether running around outside in the height of summer or exploring the inside and outside spaces of a venue during the colder winter months.

Regardless of where or when a wedding is being held, making sure that your kids have an outfit which is both practical and comfortable, while also looking smart enough for the occasion, is key – with winter adding that extra need for warmth as well.

Boy's navy blue 3-piece suit
Heirloom Collection Kids Twill Suit

First looking at the best outfits for boys, there are a wide range of suit-styles available on the market – from full outfits like the Heirloom Collection Twill Suit to more versatile items which lend themselves to mix and match looks (see the Reiss Kids’ Babbington Wool Blend Blazer for inspiration).

Boy's navy/grey check blazer
Reiss Kids’ Babbington Wool Blend Check Blazer

The great thing about wedding outfits for boys during the winter is the expectation that a blazer or jacket will meet the need for warmth as well as the curation of a more formal look.

Navy jersey dress with star detail top and sequin star skirt
Kids Star Knit Dress, Navy Blue

For girls, the best winter wedding outfit is one which lends itself to layers – or which factors sleeves into the design. A great example is the Star Knit Dress which pairs a sequin tulle skirt with a knitted top, complete with sleeves for extra warmth. This also highlights another wintery must-have for kids – sparkles, which we’ll come back to shortly.

Pink kid's jumpsuit
REISS Frill Jumpsuit

First though, to a few other structures which are ideal for winter weddings. The Reiss Frill Jumpsuit boasts the benefit of long legs for warmth and comfort, while the Pointelle Cotton Cardigan is the perfect accessory to layer on top of a neat formal dress.

Burgundy velvet girl's smock dress
Heirloom Collection Velvet Smock Party Dress

Moving onto colour, and while boys’ formal outfits typically stay within the monochrome palette of blacks, navy blues, and greys, girls dresses and outfits are much more versatile. Some of the best options for a winter wedding include the rich and festive red of the Heirloom Collection Velvet Smock, and the enviable sparkle that comes from a dress like the Sequin Tulle Party Dress

Girl's pink party dress with sequin embellishment
Sequin Tulle Party Dress

TOP TIP: When dressing your child for a winter wedding, consider the different ways of keeping them warm – including layers, cardigans or jackets, a formal coat, and the addition of tights or thick socks. The chances are that they will shed layers as they partake in play and activities throughout the day – but having different layers available is key to a successful day.