Whistles Eileen Silk Low Back Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress means considering not just your personal style and how you want to look, but also the setting for your big day.

Your dress is just one element of your wedding and needs to compliment the setting for your aisle and the kind of celebration you want to have with your friends.

When it comes to matching wedding dresses to wedding days, every bride has their own idea and vision.

But sometimes, a blank canvas dress is the best place to start – with the Whistle Eileen dress the perfect blend of delicate details and elegant simplicity.

Ivory sleeveless maxi dress
Ivory backless dress

The kind of dress which lends itself to both a beach wedding or a backyard wedding, the beauty of this dress lies in the subtle lines which create a patchwork finish across the shape and fit of the dress.

This, combined with the thin straps across the back, create a delicacy which instantly makes this dress look and feel more feminine – while the high neck and loose fit of the fabric are what make this the ideal choice for an outdoor wedding day.

Crafted from silk, you couldn’t ask for a better fit or a softer feel against your skin.