Tiffany Rose Aria Maternity Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are designed to fit to perfection, with each carefully constructed to accentuate all the highlights and features of the bride who is wearing it.

Never is this truer than when looking at maternity wedding dresses, which are carefully made to balance a growing baby bump with delicate details.

The Tiffany Rose Aria dress is made from a weighty satin-style fabric, which is reminiscent of classic wedding dresses, and which is a statement hallmark of a more traditional wedding.

Empire line maternity bridal dress front
Empire-line maternity bridal dress rear

The off-shoulder fit brings the dress into the 21st century through modern detailing, while the addition of a beaded waistband signals the start of the skirt with its pleated top.

In terms of the fit, this dress follows the silhouette of the wearer with a tight bodice and bust and fuller skirt.

The waistband, which boasts the beaded front, can be tied at the back which ensures a perfect fit regardless of how far into your pregnancy you are – loosening or tightening the band accordingly.

The beauty of this dress lies in the classic shape and structure of the skirt, as well as the heavier fabric which is perfect all all-season weddings.