Ted Baker Keomi Waterfall Ruffle Midi Slip Dress

This dress is sure to make you the belle of the ball, marrying the simple slip design with an oversized shoulder ruffle which runs across from one side of the bodice up and over the shoulder of the opposite arm.

With a dark blue colour palette and a simple satin fabric, this dress is all about making an impact through shape.

The dress itself, from the bust down to the hem line, is simple and fitted – delivering an elegant aesthetic to suit any occasion.

Navy ruffle slip dress front
Navy midi dress rear

The ruffle which runs right around the dress, starting under the strap on one side and running up and over the shoulder of the other arm is where this dress takes on a life of its own and becomes a modern statement.

But because even this oversized detail uses the same colour and fabric as the rest of the dress, somehow the impact is lessened, and the overall effect is one of clean and modern elegance.

The dark blue colour of this dress lends it to bright accessories, whether they be a bag, shoes, or jewellery.

The hem of the dress sits just above the ankles to expose your choice of shoes, with buyers encouraged to choose an outer layer that compliments the event and their overall outfit.