Suit Options for Grooms and the Best Man

First thing’s first, do you want the Groom to match his Best Man, or do you want them to wear something different? Are the entire Groom’s party wearing matching ties or bow ties, the same style of suit, or something unique to them?

These are all decisions that need to be made as part of the wedding prep and planning, with the selected suits appearing in countless photos throughout the day. Suffice to say, they need to be right, and they need to compliment the aesthetic of the wedding as a whole. So, where do you start?

Neutral suit jacket
Moss Slim Fit Suit

When selecting a Groom’s suit, we tend to find that men want to stand out and wear something a bit different to normal. For men who consider themselves to be fashionable and stylish, a suit like the Moss Slim Fit Suit in Neutral is sufficiently unique in terms of its colour palette, with the fit of the waistcoat scooping around the base of the chest rather than buttoning up the centre as standard.

This, combined with the slim fit trousers and the texture of the fabric creates a suit which can be worn all year round and compliments your choice of tie and surrounding colour scheme.

Green tweed 3-piece suit with overcheck finish
Haincliffe Green with Blue and Merlot Overcheck Tweed Three Piece Suit Jacket

Alternatively, but sticking with the Groom, you could go for a variation on a classic: something like the Haincliffe Tweed Three Piece Suit which boasts a standard bit but really adds life and personality to the fabric with the added checked pattern in different colours. This is a great suit for an older Groom or for a Groom with a more traditional style / wedding set up.

Overcheck 3-piece suit
The Ribblesdale Acorn Check Three Piece Suit

Moving onto the Best Man, and this is where you need to consider the benefit of an exact match alongside the benefits of complimentary looks and fits. Neutral is a great choice for the Groom and Best Man because it’s different and it looks good with all different colourings.

Consider pairing the aforementioned Moss Slim Fit suit with the Ribblesdale Acorn Check Three Piece Suit – one which both the Best Man and other groomsmen will all love wearing on your big day!

Ink blue herringbone pattern wool suit
Moss 1851 Tailored Fit Herringbone Suit

If it’s the traditional look that you’re drawn towards then another option is the Moss 1851 Tailored Fit Herringbone suit, which is finished in a deep blue – the perfect blank canvas for your choice of details and accessories.

If you decide to put the whole Groom’s party in the same suit, explore different bowties and ties for different individuals, look at their buttonholes for variation, and don’t forget the importance of a well-fitting shirt!