Reiss Boy’s Linen Blazer & Shorts

Think the perfect boys’ suit for the summer doesn’t exist? We’re sure that this linen fit will change your mind.

Combining the light and airy qualities of linen fabric, with a soft neutral colour palette and shorts that boast a formal fit but cut off style for warmer days, this occasion outfit is the perfect hybrid between formal wear and everyday style.

With the shorts smart enough that they can be worn to a summer event, but sufficiently versatile to be paired with a t-shirt when required, we love the way that this outfit makes summer style effortless for younger wearers.

Boy's linen blazer
Boy's linen shorts

The jacket is made from the same linen fabric as the shorts to create an overarching and cohesive outfit, while both elements can be worn individually with ease.

The buttons on the blazer are crafted from a brown marble-effect material which adds to the warm colour tones, while the fit of the blazer is smart but can be dressed down when necessary.

Add a shirt for formal events or a tshirt for everyday style, with your choice of shoes and other accessories to compliment the occasion.

Proof that even midsummer styling can be flexible and comfortable.