Reiss Abstract Print Occasion Dress

This Reiss Abstract Print occasion dress may be made for younger wearers, but its effortless style, modern pleated skirt, and bold coloured fabric make it the kind of dress that would suit anyone and everyone.

From a shape and fit perspective, this dress boasts a vest-style top which falls to the waistline with a subtle excess of fabric, allowing plenty of space for movement without a fit which is restrictive or tight.

The skirt then falls from the waistline with some volume in its fit and shape – facilitated by the fabric which is heavy enough to create these lines and layers.

Girl's occasion dress with round neck and bold abstract pattern print
Girl's sleeveless bold print dress rear

The skirt then falls to just above the knee where it sits, with the heavier fabric ensuring that this dress doesn’t blow around too much in the wind.

Looking then at the pattern and use of colour across the fabric, pastel colours are warped and strewn together in a modern and unique pattern, with a zip up the back for ease of wear.

This dress can be accessorised with jewellery and with layers, be it a light cardigan or a denim jacket – depending on the occasion and the wearer’s preference. A spring or summer go-to for every young girl!