Regular Fit Wool Blend Suit

Finding a suit for a wedding or special occasion can be difficult – particularly if you are used to wearing a suit for work and want to find an outfit that feels less stuffy and more playful for your chosen occasion.

This regular fit suit is the perfect go-between, that combines all the formality of a work suit but with a colour palette and detailing that speaks to the celebration of a wedding or summer party.

Perhaps the most notable feature of this suit, which ties it directly in with the special occasion market, is the addition of a waistcoat, which boasts a sweeping shape that does up to one side.

Blue 3-piece suit
Blue waistcoat and trousers

By moving the buttons from the centre of the waistcoat, the shape and style of this three piece suit is immediately more unique and original – complimenting the classic fit of the jacket and regular trousers.

This suit is particularly popular with those seeking a classic fit in their trousers, as the regular style means that the trousers are not too tight.

The wearer can add their choice of tie to match the occasion or to compliment their partner’s outfit, with a classic shirt helping to emphasise the unique waistcoat.