Regular Fit Herringbone Pure Wool Suit

If you’re looking for a classic suit that you can wear from office to wedding and everywhere in between, then look no further than this Herringbone Pure Wool suit.

Boasting the kind of quality which is often reserved for specially tailored and handmade suits, this outfit combines the jacket and trousers with a waistcoat, complete with satin back and adjustable tie to create that perfect fit and silhouette.

Finished in a very dark blue which borders on black, the traditional colour of this suit is matched by the classic fit which is effortlessly stylish and can be enhanced by the wearer’s choice of accessories, tie, and other outfit details.

Herringbone 3-piece suit
Waistcoat and herringbone trousers

Despite the fact that this suit is incredibly dark in colour, its classic fit makes it a no-brainer for any wardrobe.

And because the jacket has such a flattering fit and shape to it, it can be worn just as easily with chinos or even jeans to elevate an everyday look – with or without the added waistcoat.

Available in three separate pieces or as a complete outfit, choose this suit as your new everyday go-to – adding a different tie, shoes, and accessories for every occasion.