Phase Eight Sienna Tux Style Midi Dress

There are some dresses that are so timelessly stylish that they defy all trends and can be worn by people of all ages and walks of life.

This Phase Eight Sienna dress is one of them.

The main shape of this dress is made to resemble a tux, but in a way which oozes femininity entirely effortlessly.

The end result is something which stands out and seems unique yet fits in a way that feels classic.

From the neckline, this dress lightly skims the shoulders with a three quarter length sleeve which elongates the arms and wrists.

Pale yellow tux-style midi dress with flared skirt
Pale yellow midi dress rear

The buttons down the side of the bodice, from the shoulder right down past the hips, serve to balance the sleeves and elongate the wearer to create a flattering shape.

Meanwhile, the layered neckline creates a unique finish which is akin to a suit but with a feminine soft shape across the bust.

The skirt follows the same pattern with a fitted skirt that moves as you walk.

The entire dress is made from a soft lemon yellow fabric which feels like the perfect fit for any occasion and for all seasons.

Add your choice of footwear and accessories to bring this unique and charming occasion dress to life.