Moss Slim Fit Suit Jacket, Neutral

The perfect suit for a summer wedding, whether you’re a groomsman, a guest, or even the groom himself.

This neutral coloured suit boasts a light colour palette which lends itself to a spring or summer celebration, complimenting any surrounding colour scheme with the option of adding more colour via a bow tie or your choice of other accessories and touches.

The slim fit design of this suit runs through every individual piece, including the tailored trousers, the scooped waistcoat, and the jacket.

Neutral suit jacket
Neutral waistcoat

Moss Slim Fit Suit Waistcoat, Neutral

The addition of the waistcoat is optional; however, it ensures a cohesive finish throughout the design and look of the outfit – even when you remove the jacket to dance or enjoy the warmer weather of summer.

The waistcoat has a scooped design which shows off more of the shirt and tie underneath and fits snugly around the waist with a traditional structure and shape.

The beauty of a neutral coloured suit like this is the way that it not only compliments different colour schemes but suits different skin tones and colourings.

The slim fit is fitted and flattering but also offers plenty of flex and movement – especially for those keen to dance the night away on the dance floor!

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