Monsoon Maddie Lace Bardot Maxi Dress

This is the perfect dress for an outdoor garden wedding, where you want to celebrate nature alongside your love, spending your big day in the great outdoors with friends and family.

Following all the hallmarks of a classic wedding dress, this design has length, it has a white aesthetic, and it has delicate details and features – but there are some elements of this dress which break the mould.

The first is the strapless and sleeveless fit of the dress, replacing standard features with an entirely lace covered bodice and lace-off shoulder cuffs.

Maxi drop sleeve lace wedding dress front
Drop sleeve wedding dress rear

Despite these cuffs doing nothing to hold the dress in place or support its fit, they create a design feature which catches the eye and acts as an accessory to bring the whole outfit together.

Another unique feature of this dress is the button detailing which runs down the front – something which, in bridal wear, is usually relegated to the back.

These buttons sit over the lace detailing, which runs past the hips and down into the skirt towards both sides of the skirt.

The skirt is where this dress makes a return to classic bridalwear, with layers of chiffon floating to the ground and really creating that seamless flow of movement as you go from ceremony to reception and beyond.