M&S Collection Boy’s 3-Piece Suit

Is your little one looking for a new suit for the upcoming summer season?

Do they want to experiment with brighter and more playful colours and fits? Then look no further than the M&S Collection 3-piece light blue suit

This suit, which features a jacket and trousers as well as a waistcoat, is the ultimate go-to for summer events.

Not only does it brighten their wardrobe, but it presents a more playful aesthetic which can be matched with a simple white shirt or with something a little different.

Pale blue wedding suit
Boy's plain blue wedding wasitcoat

Meanwhile, the dark buttons and the inclusion of pockets and other details ensure that even with the lighter colour, this suit remains a formal outfit that can be worn across a multitude of celebrations.

One of the benefits of a three-piece suit in particular is the versatility that the wearer enjoys – whether they want to wear all three items, strip it down to just the waistcoat and trousers, remove the waistcoat, or match the jacket with a different pair of trousers.

Once this suit is hanging in their wardrobe, they are ready for any and all occasions – mixing and matching the items as they see fit.

A wardrobe staple that exhibits their fun-loving and playful side with ease.