LKB Valerie Blue and Cream Graphic Diamond Print Shirt Dress

There’s something about a shirt dress which manages to formalise even the most playful of fabrics and looks – with the button up design and collar lending themselves to the kind of finish which is smart as well as stylish.

This shirt dress uses the same fabric from top to bottom, with a small diamond design which adds an almost three dimensional aesthetic to the dress from a distance.

The buttons run from the top of the neckline down to a few inches from the base hemline, while the slightly puffed sleeves use the excess of fabric to add volume to the top of the dress.

Floaty blue diamond print shirt dress
Blue diamond print shirt dress rear view

An LKB signature piece

This volume around the shoulders and the tops of the arms has a very important purpose, in that it helps to cinch in the appearance of the waistline further – with the added belt making this the ideal dress for those who want to create the illusion of curves even when they have none.

A line stitched across the back of the dress just below the shoulder blades creates a ruched and pleated effect as the dress runs towards the waistline and down into the skirt, balancing the excess of fabric around the skirt with a slightly tighter and more flattering bust.

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