Kids’ Star Knit Dress, Navy Blue

A great dress for a winter party, combining the comfort and warmth of a knitted top half with a sparkling built-in skirt, this dress was made for festive celebrations.

Brought to life in a navy blue with sequin detailing in different shades of metallic, the beauty of this dress is that it can be dressed up or down, making it just as suitable for a day out as for a party.

The fit of the dress benefits from long sleeves and a knee length skirt, with light sparkling detail sewed around the waistline and the cuffs of each sleeve.

Navy jersey dress with star detail top and sequin star skirt
Girl's navy dress rear

A no-hassle getting ready experience…

Thanks to the loose fitting knitted upper half and the layered skirt, this dress can simply be pulled on and off for a no-hassle getting ready experience – something which we know both kids and their parents value!

The standout feature of this dress is of course the skirt with its structured layer of glittering tulle around the circumference of the dress.

However, the sequin adorned shoulder of the knitted top ensures that the overall look is one of sophisticated flair rather than appearing as two separates.

Ideal for younger and older children, thanks to the versatile fit and elegant finish.

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