Jaeger Striped V-Neck Midi Dress

A striped dress is always going to make a statement.

One of the things that many wearers and consumers struggle with, especially when it comes to stripes, is the configuration of the pattern and whether it elongates or widens the perception of the dress – and thereby the person wearing it.

This Jaeger striped midi dress boasts a backwards-diamond pattern which seems to stem from the centre of the dress, which sits somewhere near the navel.

When you really focus on the pattern and the connection of the stripes and various lines, this central point forms the middle of an X-shape which expands outwards and down the full length of the dress.

Striped V Neck dress front
Striped dress rear

The end result is one which elongates the figure of the wearer with ease.

Moving on then to the fit and the colour palette, the shape and flow of this dress is relatively tight fitting, with the deep V neckline balanced by the cap sleeves and the longer length of the skirt.

Despite the statement striped pattern and striking features including the V-neck and tight fit, the colour palette is incredibly muted and relies on white contrasted with deep blue/black to make a statement.