Jaeger Pure Silk Floral V-Neck Midi Dress

If you’re looking for something loose and floaty to wear to your next event, then this is the dress for you.

Made from pure silk, with an oversized floral print which is perfect for a garden party, wedding, or even a work event, this dress is both versatile and flattering, and will fast become the go-to that you never want to take off.

To consider the shape and fit of this dress, the important thing to note is that a tie around the waist allows the wearer to tailor the fit and either emphasise their waist and figure or conceal it with a loose and flowing fit.

Bold floral print midi dress front
Floral print midi dress rear

Because the fabric is a pure silk, it falls with exceptional ease, with the loose fitting sleeves complete with wrist cuffs balancing the excess of fabric which falls from bodice to the mid-length hem.

The V-neck is a nice touch which balances the length of the dress, while the bold flowery print is uniform in its presentation.

From a wearer perspective, the black, white, and yellow design of this dress makes it the perfect diverse solution to every occasion, that can be dressed up or down with accessories and layers.

Add heels for a wedding, or a denim jacket for everyday wear.