Jaeger Pure Linen Relaxed Blazer

Linen has long been considered the gold standard in spring and summer fabrics, owing to its lightweight feel and the comfort that it adds to any and every garment.

This linen blazer is a no brainer for any wedding guest or invitee to a summer function, not least because of its lightweight fit but also because the neutral colour palette compliments any outfit.

The oversized fit of this jacket is on-trend and will add an effortless level of style to your look, with the button at the front and the slit at the back of the jacket helping to ensure that the oversized fit does not look too boxy.

Pure linen blazer with matching waistcoat and trousers
Pure linen blazer rear

The lapels on the jacket are perfect for further enhancing the formality of an outfit, with the neutral colour tone a soft and warm but still versatile choice for those evenings when the weather gets a little chilly.

Best of all, because this jacket has such a comfortable fit and clean aesthetic, it can also be worn in more informal settings, with jeans or a skirt for more of an everyday look.

Add this versatile jacket to your wardrobe, and never be without the perfect warm but stylish layer again.