Jaeger Printed V-Neck Midi Waisted Dress

A versatile dress for any occasion, the Jaeger printed midi dress boast a blue and black geometric pattern printed onto a satin-like fabric which provides a sleek finish and comfortable movement.

With a V-neck and wrap-style illusion across the front of the dress, the cinched waist is a design highlight of this outfit which enhances the shape of the wearer and creates an enviable silhouette.

Aside from the cinched and adjustable waist, the rest of this dress is loose in fit – which, combined with the satin-like fabric, keeps the dress cool and suitable for even the warmest of days.

Blue print v-neck midi dress front
Blue print midi dress rear

Despite the busy pattern which covers the fabric, the slight tiering at the base of the dress and around the bottom of the skirt offers a little extra volume which is particularly well suited to the dance floor – giving this dress extra movement.

The skirt is further enhanced with a slit to one side, which again facilitates a sweeping movement ideal for special occasions.

Other notable features include the long sleeves which are loose in fit with an elasticated cuff, and the tie around the waist which creates that adjustable silhouette.

Finally to the colour palette, which is suitable for all seasons, combining a light blue with black pattern.