How To Tell if a Man’s Suit Has the Right Fit

Grey suit with black handkerchief

Wearing a correctly fitting suit will not only offer plenty of comfort, but also make you look good too. But how can you tell if a suit has the right fit?

If you’re wearing a suit, it usually means you need to look smart and make a good impression.

A well tailored suit that fits you well will do just that, but if it’s got the slightest problem with fit, it won’t.

In fact, an incorrectly fitting suit, whether it’s too big, too small or too tight will make you stick out like a sore thumb and do nothing for your image.

However, never fear, there are lots of practical ways you can use to tell if a suit fits correctly.

Signs to Look Out For

Trouser Length

In a good fitting suit the hem of the trousers should fall at around your ankle, or the top of your shoes.

If they’re too short, it will look obvious and they’ll be lots of sock or leg showing, and if they’re too long, it will odd having a whole load of extra fabric lolling around your feet (not least, it could even make you trip up).

Trousers come in various different lengths and can be made to measure with suits, so there’s no excuse for not getting yourself measured and firmly establishing what your inside leg measurement is.

Jacket Length

The length of suit jackets does vary depending on what type of suit you’re wearing and the individual style. In general, the standard length of a jacket should fall at around the place where your buttocks curve.

If a jacket is too short, it will look out of proportion at both the front and back, and if it’s way too long, it will totally swamp you.

The exception for long jackets is with some types of formal wear, where it’s normal to have a slightly longer – but often shaped – jacket length.

Again, jackets are sold according to various sizes, so it’s worth measuring your ideal jacket length and buying a suit accordingly.

Sleeve Length

If the sleeves of your jacket are too short or way too long, so they’re hanging over your hands, then it’s an incorrect fit.

In a properly fitting suit, the sleeve length should come to about an inch longer than the wrist bone.

Trouser Fit on the Waist

The suit trousers should fit well on the waist. If you need a belt to hold them or they’re way too baggy and loose, it will look like you’re wearing an over-sized suit.

On the other hand, if they are too tight, you’ll feel uncomfortable, they’ll wrinkle in all the wrong places and it will be awkward to move about.

Obtaining your waist measurement is easy and should always be done to ensure you buy a perfect fitting suit.

As a guideline, you should expect to be able to fit two fingers inside your waistband on a pair of trousers that fit well. If you can’t squeeze too fingers in, they are too tight.

Armed with these useful nuggets of information, you’ve got no excuse for not getting a suit that fits well!

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