Hobbs Veronica Floral Print Pleated Maxi Dress

A soft and feminine dress that’s made for summer weddings and days in the sun; the Hobbs Veronia dress balances its whimsical cherry blossom adorned fabric with a pleated skirt which adds some texture and movement to the fit.

The waistline is defined and enhanced by an added strip of material which draws attention to the change from fitted bodice into the pleated and loose fitting skirt.

In terms of the variation in texture, the pleated skirt boasts more movement than the bodice, and adds a more playful spin to the fit and the overall look.

Pink floral print maxi dress front
Pink floral print maxi dress rear

Aesthetically, the skirt matches the bodice in terms of the fabric but it’s the way the fabric falls that really creates that movement and brings this dress into the 21st century of fashion and trend.

The upper half of the dress is simple by comparison, with a V-neckline and strapless shape, held together by a high back and zip.

Add your own choice of jacket and accessories to match the event you’re attending and the season, with the soft pinks of the fabric lending this dress to anything from white to black and every colour in between.