Hobbs Jemma Empire Line Maxi Satin Dress

A single dress but with different sections to create an enviable silhouette for any wearer, this dress is the ultimate go-to for a formal event or for the evening part of a wedding.

With a slightly shorter length which allows you to show off your shoes, the navy blue colour palette lends this dress to your choice of accessories and details – making it a versatile option for any and every season.

The skirt of the dress, from the waistline down to the hem, is very classic – loose fitting but flattering.

However, above the waistline, there are a few different features which help to tailor the fit and finish of the dress.

Sleeveless navy empire line dress front
Navy empire line dress rear

A thick waistband has been engineered using the same satin fabric, cutting a panel up and around the base of the bust to cinch the wearer in at the waist.

The bust itself is simple but elegant, with a sleeveless cut and high neckline – balanced by a light gathering which surrounds the top of the waistband and hugs the bust.

What this does is create three panels in this dress – all made from the same fabric and with the same colour but emphasising the flattering the three most important parts of the body: the bust, the waistline, and the hips.

It is only through this approach to design that the dress takes on the perfect fit for all body types.