Hobbs Addison Pleated Midi Dress

Calling all mothers of the bride or groom who want to inject a little colour into their look.

This Hobbs Addison pleated midi dress boasts all the hallmarks of a classic formal occasion dress, but with small details which perfectly bring it into 21st century styling.

The colour of this dress is undoubtedly the standout feature which cannot be ignored.

Available with or without a matching jacket, this dress is finished in a rich purple which is perfect for a spring or summer wedding and will effortlessly add joy and vibrance to the day.

Magenta pleated midi dress with cap sleeves
Magenta pleated midi dress rear

The fit of the dress is flattering and showcases the wearers silhouette without drowning them or making them feel like the dress is too tight fitting.

The bodice is loosely fitted and runs from the high neckline down to the waist where it pulls in with a very subtle and thin tie.

The purple fabric boasts a concertina texture across the entire dress, with the bodice further adorned by ruffles which match the angel sleeves and run down the centre of the dress to the waistline.

The skirt is light, made from the same chiffon concertina fabric, with a length that sits just above the ankle. The perfect fit.