Heirloom Collection Kids’ Plisse Bridesmaid Dress

One of our favourite things about this dress is that from the front, the design is incredibly simple.

A white fabric is pulled in at the waist by a thick band, secured with a bow at the back, while the oversized sleeves and pleated fabric add an almost ethereal finish and fit to the dress.

Using white fabric for both the main shape of the dress and the details, this is the perfect go-to for a bridesmaid and can be enhanced with accessories from shoes to hairclips and more.

The back of the dress, however, is where the design really kicks in.

Girl's ivory bridesmaid dress with floaty sleeves
Girl's ivory bridesmaid dress with button back and bow

Balancing the oversized and completely adjustable bow is a cutout section just below the neckline, separating the button-up back which holds the neck in place and then continue down towards the waistline.

The skirt of this dress uses an excess of fabric with pleats around the waist, falling down to the knee with a loose and light finish which lends itself to comfort and movement throughout the day.

The buttons themselves are also white but with a lightly pearlescent finish, adding an extra special touch to even the simplest of design features.