Heirloom Collection Baby Floral Dress

If you’re looking for a summer dress that can be worn to everything from garden parties to weddings and everything in between, then look no further than this Heirloom Collection dress.

Designed to be worn with or without a cardigan, this dress features a sleeveless design, with a light smocked pattern down the front of the dress creating a nice shape which flows and moves as you dance.

Floral dress with embroidered detailing
Baby floral dress rear view

Wildflower Meadow Design

The fabric is the real hero of this particular dress, as it brings together a wide range of colours and flowers in a type of wildflower meadow design.

With an excess of fabric, the skirt facilitates plenty of movement and billows out as the wearer spins, making it the perfect accessory for a little girl who loves to dance.

The plethora of colours makes this an ideal dress to match to any colour scheme and with any accessories.

Add yours or your child’s choice of accessories for a put-together finish – and wait for the compliments to roll in at your next event.

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