Ghost Etta Midi Satin Dress

Sometimes, a dress makes a statement for its shape or its fit.

Other times, the fabric alone is enough to give a dress or outfit its “wow factor” – with the Ghost Etta dress falling into the latter category.

Crafted from a bright pink satin fabric, everything about this dress is incredibly simple and versatile – which is where the real beauty lies.

A dress like this can be cinched and drawn into the body where the wearer chooses, whether by adding a jacket, waist tie, or accessories which focus attention on different parts of the dress.

Pink satin midi-length dress
Pink satin dress rear

With long sleeves and a midi length, this is a dress that can be worn by a wedding guest or event guests or any age or background, adding their own spin in the form of shoes, hair style, accessories, and more.

With an up-and-down straight fit, the V-neck becomes a focal point of this dress, while the light gathering around the edge of the V and across the shoulders of the dress keep the fabric fluid and moving.

A dress which catches the light and is bright enough to really make the wearer the belle of the ball; we love the versatility of this dress and the way it can be worn where and how you choose.