Ghost Delphine Satin Maxi Dress

A dress that combines its loose and flowy fit with button detailing and a number of features which highlight various assets and silhouettes – this wedding dress is best suited to a wedding where tradition meets modern flair.

To start at the top, the shoulders boats a ruched and gathered fabric which gives way to a loose fitting sleeve with an excess of fabric.

Meanwhile, the neckline is deep with a V-shape, which is met at the tip by the start of the buttons which run right down the centre of the dress towards the top of the central slit.

Ivory A-line wedding dress with angel sleeves and v-neck
Ivory A-line maxi dress rear

The line which curves up and under the bust is gathered over the bust to add some extra texture to detail, with the skirt then skimming over the waist and hips right down to the hem just above the toes.

The buttons are arguably the standout feature of this dress, though they are covered with the same satin fabric and the same colour tone.

The slit runs right up to the middle of the thigh and adds some extra movement and personality to this otherwise very simple dress.

The perfect canvas on which to layer your own accessories and personal touches.