Getting Bridesmaid Dresses Fitted


A wedding is a big event for everyone and the bridesmaid is no exception. Find out why it helps to get the bridesmaids dresses fitted correctly.

Just as its important that the bride gets her dress specially fitted for her big day, it’s also good to spend the same time and preparation ensuring that the bridesmaids dresses fit will too.

Dresses for the special occasion can be bought off the peg in many shops, or through a specialist bridal company.

When it comes to fitting, it’s worth going the extra mile…

If you’re buying from a shop, then it may be tempting to avoid worrying too much about getting the dress fitted, but for a great look for a special occasion, it’s worth going the extra mile to ensure the fit is perfect.

Clothing such as dresses tend to be sold by set sizes, but as everyone’s body shape and size varies, it’s normal that a size 12 dress may look different on one sized 12 body as it will on another.

That’s one of the reasons why having a dress fitted makes sense, as it can be customised to fit the wearer perfectly.

Finding a Dress Fitter

If you’ve decided to go down the route of purchasing a bridesmaid dress off the peg or on the high street, then you’ll need to find and source your own dress fitter or dressmaker.

Bridal shops are a good port of call, as they’re often able to recommend someone, but also relevant are bridal shows, where details of wedding-related trades people are widely available.

If you’re purchasing a bridesmaid dress from a bridal company, then the chances are they will have a dressmaker and fitter on hand. Usually the dress will need to be ordered, fitted and collected at a future date, often alongside the bride’s dress.

The general format is that the dress is tried on and then the dressmaker will note any areas where alterations may be required.

For example, perhaps the straps may need to be shortened or tightened, the length may need to be made shorter to ensure the bridesmaid won’t trip up or there may be alterations needed to the bust.

The Benefits of Having a Dress Fitted

The benefits of using a professional fitter are enormous. Not only are they experienced in what they’re doing, but they’ve usually got a good eye for what looks good and can tell what style will suit individual body shapes.

Plus, if fabric is being cut off the bottom of the dress to make it slightly shorter the off-cuts can often be recycled and made into something else, such as a wrap.

So although you may be paying extra for the services of a dress fitter, you can gain from not having to fork out extra money on buying accessories such as a wrap.

Having a well fitted and comfortable dress that looks great will make the bridesmaid feel good and boost their confidence.

It may seem like a waste of money to have to spend more on getting a dress fitted, but for that special occasion it can really make all the difference.

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