COAST Premium Sweetheart Lace Applique Strappy Wedding Dress

Finding your perfect wedding dress means selecting a fabric, a fit, and an array of features which not only flatter your shape and your body, but which make you feel confident and comfortable from day to night.

This Premium Sweetheart Lace dress boasts a very classic shape, with a tightly fitting bodice offset by an excess of material as you run down the skirt towards the hemline – hugging the body in a soft way and ensuring that your shape is subtly highlighted.

Lace straps hold the dress in place, creating a cohesive use of material throughout the dress even with the change in detail around the back of the bodice.

Floral lace wedding gown
Floral lace wedding gown rear view

The recurring lace applique design adds a three dimensional detail to the dress…

As you move from the front view around to the sides and back of the dress, you will see that the lace drops away and is countered by a transparent and light netting, followed by a border strap of lace.

This simple but standout design feature frames your shape and creates the illusion of a drawn in waistline – not to mention it adds that little bit of “wow” to the dress every time you turn around.

The recurring lace applique design adds a three dimensional detail to the dress, lifting it away from the body and ensuring that it captures and shines in different lights and settings.

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