Coast Baroque Embellished Angel Sleeve Bridesmaids Dress

This bridesmaids dress from Coast is giving off ethereal vibes thanks to the floating chiffon fabric, the soft angel sleeves, and the juxtaposition between the embellished bodice and the loose fitting and layered skirt.

The perfect option for everything from an outdoor wedding to a whimsical manor house or even a woodland wedding, the colour palette of this dress is muted – giving the fit and design a place in the spotlight.

The embellished bodice is really the highlight of this dress, with its intricate design and ornate patterns.

Sage green bridesmaid dress with embroidery pattern detail
Sage green bridesmaid dress rear

The embellishment sits atop a transparent fabric across the shoulders and angel sleeves, with a layer of sage green fabric cutting above the bust and down to the waistline.

The waistline is where the embellishment and detail ends, and the chiffon skirt begins – with endless layers which balloon and sweep in the wind, and which become the perfect accessory as you walk down the aisle.

Every element of this dress uses the same colour palette, with the fit of the dress incredibly flattering on wearers of all shapes and sizes.

Finding the perfect dress for all your bridesmaids couldn’t be easier, with options like this available for the upcoming wedding season.