Choosing Wedding Shoes

Pair of wedding shoes

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and it’s no wonder brides want to look their best. As you’ll spend much of the day on your feet, it’s essential that you find shoes that fit well and will be comfortable. So here are some useful tips on choosing wedding shoes.

Wedding shoes are available in all styles and designs, from practical flats to wedges, high heels, boots, sandals or kitten heels. They can slip on, be strapless, have straps across the foot or around the heel, or even have laces.

Brides often choose wedding shoes that match their dresses, for example, made of satiny ivory or white material and have beading that tones in with the style on their dress. But before you get carried away and choose the first shoes you set eyes on, it is helpful to inject a degree of practical thought.

Shoe Issues to Consider

It’s important to realise that the chances are you will spend a large amount of time on your wedding day standing up, both when walking down the aisle, having the photos taken, mingling with guests and when dancing the night away.

The common complaint from many brides is that their feet end up hurting and their shoes aren’t as comfy as they first thought.

You can avoid this situation by giving your shoe purchase a lot of thought. For a start, this is one of the most vital days of your life so you need to ensure you purchase a pair of shoes that are the right size and the right fit. If you’ve not had your feet measured for years, this may be the time to do so.

Also, even if you know your foot size, the size and fit of shoes can differ considerably – both between different styles and between different brands.

So it’s best to try out shoes properly before you buy, rather than purchasing via mail order or online ordering. Even if it’s a case of trying out a pair in a shop and then buying online, it will at least help you know that they’re comfy.

Don’t forget to try out shoes wearing whatever legwear you’ll have on, on your wedding day. For example, if you’ll be wearing tights or stockings, then try your shoes on whilst wearing tights or stockings. The fit can be vastly different if you’ve got bare feet.

Buying a Spare Pair

If you really can’t resist the idea of walking down the aisle in three inch heels, or have fallen in love with a pair of stilettos, then maybe it may be wise to buy two pairs of shoes.

Although it will cost more money in the first instance, it would at least mean that you’ve got something more comfortable to put on later in the day.

Once You’ve Bought Your Shoes

When there are so many things to think about in the run up to your day, it’s normal for the wedding shoes to be put down and forgotten about once you’ve purchased them.

But as anyone wearing new shoes will know, it can take a while to get used to them and can help considerably if you wear them in a bit, so become used to them.

Without wearing them and getting used to them, your feet could suffer on the day – from feeling sore, rubbing or general discomfort.

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