Choosing a Page Boy Outfit


If you’ve got your heart set on having a page boy or two at your wedding, then here’s a handy guide to choosing the right fitting page boy outfit.

A lot of people are involved in weddings and many couples choose to have young children acting as page boys for the occasion.

As with choosing any other form of clothing for other members of the wedding party, to get correctly fitting page boy outfits is worthwhile.

Shopping For a Page Boy Outfit

Page boys are usually young children and they’re often young, so it can be tricky to get a smart outfit that’s perfect for the occasion and also looks great. It’s not helped by the fact that young boys may well object to going shopping to look for outfits, not least if they have to stand still and try lots of outfits on.

Although there are standard sizes for children’s clothes which are usually based on ages, with children growing at different rates these are often not the best way of choosing well fitting clothes.

Outfits suitable for a page boy will usually be found in special suit hire shops or shops aimed at the full range of bridal outfits.

When you’re choosing any form of special outfit for a child, it’s well worth taking the time to have your child measured, so you know their correct size.

This is especially so as children are notorious for growing at a rapid rate and, whilst you may have known their size recently, it might have changed.

If your child isn’t going to be amenable to being measured in a shop, you can take their key measurements at home, before you go shopping.

To get accurate measurements, you’ll need a tape measure and the following measurements should be taken.

  • Chest – put the tape measure under your child’s arms and measure at the fullest part around their chest.
  • Hips – to obtain the hip measurement, put the tape measure around the fullest part of their bottom and take the reading.
  • Waist – for the waist measurement, you need to measure your child’s natural waistline.
  • Neck – for the neck measurement, put the tape measure around the base of your child’s neck, where the collar of clothing typically touches the skin.
  • Height – run the tape measure from the top of their head to the ground. This is best done when they have bare feet and with their feet placed flatly on the floor.

Once you have the key measurements, remember to take them with you when you go shopping!

For a special outfit, like a page boy, the shop you go to should be able to provide help and assistance with choosing an outfit. If you aren’t offered help and could do with someone, then always ask.

It can be a bit exhausting for a young child to have to try on different clothing, especially smart things that they may not be used to, so try and go with a clear idea of exactly what you’re looking for, as this can cut down the time spent hanging around.

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