Chesca Dark Navy Bias Cut Chiffon Dress

This is an outfit fit for the Mother of the Bride, or for a woman in search of an outfit which bridges style with a certain level of elegance and opulence.

The dress is one of two parts, the base layer being a very simple navy chiffon dress which is loose but fitted and which skims from its shoulder-less top right down to the floaty hemline just under the knee line.

This navy blue layer can easily be worn on its own, with the straight style boasting no additional features or lines, instead fitting the curves of the wearer loosely but in a flattering way.

Navy calf-length mother of the bride dress
Sleeveless navy chiffon dress

This silhouette achieved with this dress is sleek and elegant.

And then we come to the top layer. This is crafted from a light and transparent jacket, which is adorned with embroidered detail and clasps at the top with a round neckline to balance the slightly lower neck of the dress.

The jacket has sleeves which fall to the wrist, and a length which sits neatly on the hips – concealing the shape of the dress underneath while still letting the navy colour show through.

This jacket layer is what takes the dress from simple to ornate and is a quick and easy way to pull the whole outfit together.