Angel & Rocket Kids Sequin Bow Occasion Dress

Angel & Rocket is fast becoming one of the best brands for effortlessly on-trend yet timeless occasion wear for younger wearers – with this dress one of the staples for any young bridesmaid-to-be.

With a neutral coloured fabric, the highlight of this dress is the sequinned waist tie and bow around the back, which sits at the base of the V-shape at the back of the dress.

The neckline which runs around the front and down the back of the dress also boasts this same sequin adorned detail, making sure that your little one sparkles all day long.

Girl's bow dress with sequin detail
Girl's bow dress rear

In terms of the fit, this dress boasts the classic sleeveless bodice and mid-length skirt, with the weight and volume of the material adding some texture and flair to the skirt.

This ensures that the dress is both occasion and wedding-ready, and loose fitting enough that it is comfortable for your child to wear for an entire day.

Add an updo in their hair to really show off the back of the dress, with your choice of footwear according to the season, occasion, and personal preference of the wearer.

A year-round dress which is just as well suited to winter events as summer ones, thanks to the addition of sparkling sequins.