Angel & Rocket Kids’ Lace Bell Sleeve Boho Dress

Loose-fitting, flowing, and with plenty of subtle but refined and intrinsically elegant detail, this dress is the epitome of boho styling and presents a really elegant finish which is ideal for all occasions.

The beauty of this dress is that despite its super light and flowing fabric, the design of each section of the dress stands out – that is, the panel on the front of the dress, the layered skirt, the embroidered details, and the bell sleeves are all focal points which contribute towards the style of the dress.

Whether you pair it with bold colours or keep it light and bright with neutral accessories, this dress lends itself to all occasions and can even be worn throughout the seasons – owing to the long sleeves and long length.

White lace party dress
Girl's white boho style party dress

The most ornate detail is the embroidery…

Perhaps the most ornate detail is the embroidery which can be seen across the skirt and the top half of the dress, as well as halfway down the sleeves.

Breaking the bell sleeves up into two main sections gives the dress even more flow and movement and ensures that no element is overpowered by another.

Add an additional layer in the form of a jacket or cardigan to infuse a little colour and personality or keep it loose for a summer party.

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