Angel & Rocket Valerie Petal Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid dresses don’t have to be colourful, intricately detailed, or even patterned in their design.

This dress is proof that sometimes the more effective and elegant looks are also the simplest – with the soft ivory-white fabric boasting a multitude of layers in a look which is almost ethereal in its design.

The most intricate detail on this dress comes from the shoulders, which are crafted from a series of fabric petals to create a floral and evangelical look.

From here, the top is almost pleated as it runs from the neckline down to the distinct waistline, before the skirt flows outwards and down towards the knee.

Bridesmaid dress with pleated tulle skirt and petal shoulder detail
Tulle skirt bridesmaid dress with petal detail shoulder straps

Easily paired with any colour scheme

The layers of fabric means that this dress isn’t just soft and light but also promotes gentle movement during the day and on the dance floor.

Best of all, the colour and lack of detailed and intricate pattern on this dress means that it can easily be paired with any colour scheme or decoration.

It really is a versatile go-to bridesmaid dress for all weddings and special occasions and will fast become the dress that they never want to take off.

Add your choice of shoes and accessories to tailor the dress to your special event.

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