Anderson Blue Puppytooth Cotton Linen Three Piece Suit

When you want to dress smart, but aren’t afraid to hide behind the standard black, navy and grey suits, then consider an outfit like this.

Crafted from linen (which may crease, but which presents such a comfortably and airy finish that you will forgive this slight inconvenience), this suit boasts a jacket and trousers with the addition of a waistcoat, all in a soft blue which lends itself to spring and summer events.

Darker blue buttons adorn the front of the waistcoat and jacket and run up the cuffs to deliver a cohesive finish across the outfit.

Puppytooth suit
Grey linen waistcoat and matching trousers

The fit of both the waistcoat and the jacket are slimline and tailored, and effortlessly present that finish which makes it feel like the entire outfit was made with the wearer’s measurements in mind.

To look more closely at the fabric of the suit and its use of colour, you will notice that the fabric actually uses a miniscule checkerboard design, connecting both a dark navy blue and white. Ideal alongside a navy blue tie and white shirt, pulling the entire outfit and colour scheme together, one of the great benefits of this particular suit is its versatility.

Add the jacket to a pair of smart jeans or forego the jacket altogether in favour of the trousers and waistcoat for a summery look.

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